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One Day Classes

A One Day Masonic Journey is the perfect opportunity for men who would enjoy being a part of Masonry, but who could not otherwise join in the traditional fashion due to work, family, community and other volunteer responsibilities.

One Day Masonic Journey: Saturday Sept. 23, 2017

The 13 locations for the one-day event will include:

Blue Lodge members and Mentors can register to attend by clicking on the location below. Petitioners should not use these links – they will be registered by their lodge secretary using a different form.

Approved candidates will be able to join a Pennsylvania Blue Lodge, receiving three degrees during the One Day Masonic Journey.

Lodges will be responsible for providing mentors to assist in the conferral of Degrees, instruction of candidates between Degrees and providing a mentor for every two candidates. Candidates are not required to be proficient before advancement, and mentoring is to continue on an ongoing basis.

Petitions, which can be obtained online or from the Lodge Secretary, are to be presented at a Stated or Special Meeting to be read, noted in the minutes and referred to a Committee of Inquiry. Petitions will be balloted upon at a subsequent Stated or Special Meeting, once all dues and fees are received from the petitioners. The Masonic month requirement is waived if a meeting is called for balloting. Multiple balloting on any number of petitioners is permitted. Approved petitioners may be held for the One Day Masonic Journey, regardless of their date of approval. Every candidate’s petition on which you are a first-line signer qualifies you for membership incentives for these events as well as for those going through the traditional process.