Why be a Freemason?

Every man has his own reason for wanting to be a part of the greatest fraternity in the world. Regardless of your reason, you will benefit from membership because Freemasonry makes good men better. Look around our website and you will find much about our history, purpose, educational programs, character development and charity. In today’s society, men lead busier lives than ever. Many Brothers find Lodge meetings to be an excellent “break from life,” where everyday troubles can be forgotten and Brotherhood prevails. Whatever your reason, Freemasonry has something to offer nearly every man.

Who can join?

To qualify for membership, a petitioner must be male, at least 18 years of age, one who believes in the existence of a Supreme Being, of good moral character, motivated to join for reasons unrelated to personal gain or profit, prompted by a favorable opinion of Freemasonry, desirous of earning knowledge and willing to conform to the ancient usages and customs of the fraternity.

How to join?

Our tradition was to wait for you to seek membership entirely of your own free will and accord. Today, however, we allow our members to selectively invite men of good character, who will be a credit to our Fraternity. But this doesn’t mean that you have to wait to be invited to join the Freemasons of Pennsylvania. Your interest is enough, if you meet the qualifications.

To start the process, you must first submit a petition for membership. This petition will be read at a meeting of the Lodge you are seeking to join. You will then be visited by a small committee from the Lodge who will ascertain your qualifications and answer any questions you or your family may have regarding Freemasonry. At the next meeting, the members will vote on your petition for membership. Once approved, you will be asked to attend three successive meetings, during which you will learn the teachings of Freemasonry. In ceremonies known as Degrees, you will assume your vows of membership. The one-time fee for joining Freemasonry varies with each Lodge, but averages around $300. In addition, members pay dues to their Lodge, averaging around $100 per year.

Dan Testimonial

Dan K.

Leadership is an important skill to learn in life. Freemasonry teaches you how to be a leader of men that inspires others.

Perry - Keystone Lodge No. 392
Masonic Testimonial

Kashan R.

What I enjoy most about Freemasonry is hanging out with the guys and the companionship we share together.

Dallas Lodge No. 231
Dave Testimonial

Dave G.

Freemasonry has improved every aspect of my life. I’m a better father, better husband, better businessman and better friend.

Ephrata Lodge No. 665
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By harnessing the desire of many men to do good works, Freemasons help others through their charitable endeavors, both in the local community, within the Commonwealth, and on a national scale.

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The Masonic system of symbols and education has influenced leaders, philosophers, and artists for nearly three centuries. Through the application of timeless principles, Freemasonry enables every Brother to learn and grow.

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Whether you attend your Lodge regularly, choose to get involved in the greater Masonic fraternity, or quietly enjoy the benefits of your membership, Freemasonry can accommodate you at all stages of life.

Freemasons Build Relationships


The bonds of brotherhood run deep in Freemasonry. The experience of membership creates friends for life through mentoring and social interaction.

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Freemasons are members of a worldwide brotherhood, spanning language, class, and continent. Wherever a Freemason goes, he’ll find a Brother.

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Our fraternity claims no religious or political creeds. Our members come from a diverse background of faiths, traditions, and life experiences, providing a safe atmosphere for the sharing of ideas and building of relationships.

Our Purpose

Freemasonry is a fraternity of brothers who share one common goal: to help each other become better men. We strengthen and improve our character by learning and practicing basic virtues of fraternal love, charity and truth. Our principles extend far beyond our interactions with each other, and we strive to apply them to our daily lives. All who join Freemasonry must declare their belief in the existence of a Supreme Being and practice their own personal faith, but the Fraternity is neither a religion nor a place to worship. Rather, it is a place where men of all monotheistic creeds can meet and focus on the great truths of peaceful human interaction that are common to all religions.

Membership Inquiry

If you are interested in learning more about Freemasonry in Pennsylvania, but are not ready to fill out a petition, please complete the form. The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania will forward your request to a representative of a local Lodge in your area to personally contact you. Please note that this is NOT a petition for membership. This form is only to find out more about the Fraternity. Completing this request doesn’t guarantee membership– you must apply for membership in a Lodge in your community. Each Lodge has the responsibility for electing its own membership. By completing this form, you will have the opportunity to be introduced to Masons who will get to know you better, or who will help you find a friend who is already a Mason.

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