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Get rewarded for membership!

If you have identified worthy men whom you know would be excellent Masons, wait no longer to invite them to be part of our great fraternity! Not only will you offer him the gift of membership, but you will be rewarded for your efforts, as well!

With the new membership incentive program, after a candidate receives his First Degree, the first line signer will be credited with 60 points. He can either accumulate his points, or he can immediately receive merchandise displayed on the Pennsylvania Masons’ Incentive Program website.

A Way to Honor

Our Heroes

Freemasons recognize that our freedom isn’t free. From the first shots of the Revolutionary War to the men and women serving our country today, our nation owes an immeasurable debt of gratitude to our veterans.

Pennsylvania Masons will say “Thank You” to every male veteran, including those servicemen who are active duty, in the reserves and/or have been honorably discharged. The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and the Lodge he chooses to join will each reduce his initiation fee by $50, for a total savings of $100.

Brethren: Please make sure the candidate attaches his copy of Veterans DD214 or his military ID card to his petition to qualify. The first-line signer on a veteran’s petition will still receive 60 points toward the Incentive Program.

Recruiter’s Ties

In addition to the selection of merchandise from the website, a member will receive a new Masonic tie for each of the first four petitions on which he is a first-line signer once the candidate receives his Third Degree!

Leading by Example

Inviting new candidates to join Pennsylvania Freemasonry ensures the future of our great fraternity. We applaud these Brethren who are first-line signers on three or more petitions. Each member to do so will have his photograph, name and number of first-line signed petitions printed in this section of the Freemason Magazine throughout 2016.

Once a Brother is a first-line signer on six or more petitions, he will be recognized in the magazine throughout 2016 and 2017. This recognition is in addition to the incentives and ties Brethren can earn as an additional “thank you” for these members’ dedication to our Craft.