Traveling Gavel

Program Information

To encourage more brethren to visit other Lodges, the Grand Lodge has initiated a Traveling Gavel in each of the seven Masonic Regions. Want to get your hands on a gavel? Well, you better get traveling!

Whenever the gavel changes hands, both the presenting and receiving Lodges must complete the documentation certifying the exchange. All Lodges receiving or releasing the gavel must email the Grand Secretary notifying him of the exchange within 24 hours.


The Grand Master will initially present the gavel to a Lodge of his choice in each Region. A Lodge retains possession of the gavel until a new Lodge gains control. The gavel changes hands in any one of three ways.

The gavel may be taken during any Lodge Meeting of the host Lodge.

In order to take the gavel, a visiting Lodge, with at least five Brethren attending, must declare its intention to claim the gavel during the meeting. If an equal or greater number of Brethren from another Lodge present announce their intention to take the gavel, the gavel will be awarded to the Lodge with the most Brethren present. In the event of a tie, the visiting Lodge with the greatest percentage of its membership present will win control of the gavel.

The gavel may be given away to any Lodge during any Stated Meeting.

In order to give the gavel away, at least five Brethren from the giving Lodge must visit a Lodge in their Region and present the gavel during the meeting. The receiving Lodge is required to accept the gavel.

The gavel may be reclaimed by the Grand Lodge.

In order for the Grand Lodge to reclaim the gavel, the Grand Master and four Right Worshipful Grand Lodge Officers will conduct an unannounced visit to the Lodge. The Grand Master will then present the gavel to a Lodge of his choice.

Rules Clarifications

  • Whichever Lodge is in possession of the gavel at the end of November must present it to the Grand Master during the December 2016 Quarterly Communication. At that time, the Grand Master will retire the gavel and return it to the Lodge so that it may retain the gavel permanently. He will present a new gavel to a Lodge of his choice in each Region.
  • The gavel may only change hands once during any meeting. It cannot be both given and taken during the same meeting.
  • A Lodge cannot take the gavel during its own Stated Meeting, nor can it be taken during a District or a joint Meeting with another Lodge(s).
  • The gavel travels with a documented history. Whenever the gavel changes hands, both the presenting and receiving Lodges must complete the log book and online form (below) certifying the exchange within 24 hours. The Grand Lodge website will also track the progress of each of the traveling gavels.
  • Final decision on all rules is made by the Grand Secretary. Final decision on all matters during a Lodge meeting, including those involving the gavel, are to be made by the sitting Worshipful Master of the host Lodge.

Gavel Location Tracking

Listed below are the current locations of each gavel by region. You can find out the meeting location and times of each Lodge by clicking on their name.

Currently at:

6/13/17   Newport Lodge No. 381 – Newport, PA

Previously at:

6/12/17   Tennis Lodge No. 371 – Thompsontown, PA
6/8/17   Union Lodge No. 324 – Mifflintown, PA
6/7/17   Adams Lodge No. 319 – New Bloomfield, PA
6/6/17   McVeytown Lodge No. 376 – McVeytown, PA
5/9/17   Summit Lodge No. 312 – Ebensburg, PA
5/4/17   Greater Johnstown Lodge No. 538 – Johnstown, PA
4/13/17   Acacia Lodge No. 355 – Blairsville, PA
4/11/17   Somerset Lodge No. 358 – Somerset, PA
4/6/17   La Monte Lodge No. 568 – Derry, PA
4/3/17   Meyersdale Lodge No. 554 – Myersdale, PA
3/14/17   Cambria Lodge No. 278 – Johnstown, PA
This begins the Gavel’s journey in the 41st Masonic District
3/7/17   Logan Lodge No. 490 – Altoona, PA
This concludes the Gavel’s journey in the 20th Masonic District, and next week it will enter the 41st Masonic District
2/21/17   Mountain Lodge No 281 – Altoona, PA
2/20/17   Coalport Lodge No 574 – Coalport, PA
2/16/17   Hiram Lodge No 616 – Altoona, PA
2/13/17   Juniata Lodge No 282 – Hollidaysburg, PA
2/7/17   Portage Lodge No 220 – Hollidaysburg, PA
1/19/17   Woodbury Lodge No. 539 – Roaring Spring, PA
1/16/17   Hyndman No. 589 – Hyndman, PA
1/12/17   Bedford Lodge No. 320 – Bedford, PA
1/9/17   Mount Zion No. 774 – McConnellsburg, PA
12/27/16   Cromwell Lodge No. 572 – Orbisonia, PA
12/16/16   Everett No. 524 – Everett, PA
12/15/16   Mt. Union No. 688 – Mount Union, PA
Start   Mount Moriah No. 300 – Huntingdon, PA

Currently at:

Start   Indiana-Franklin Lodge No. 313 – Indiana, PA


Previously at:

Start   Indiana-Franklin Lodge No. 313 – Indiana, PA
Region: Lodge Name & Number:
1 Prospect Lodge No. 578
2 Eureka-West Shore Lodge No. 302
3 Portage Lodge No. 220
4 King Solomon’s Lodge No. 346
5 Kedron Lodge No. 389
6 Middleburg Lodge No. 619
7 Slatington Lodge No. 440

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