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Schools of Instruction

The learning and exemplification of the ritualistic work is a core concept in Freemasonry. The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania is committed to the highest standards of ritual performance and presentation, all in an effort to give every new Mason an experience he will carry with them for the rest of his life.

To this end, the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania has established Schools of Instruction, wherein Masons can work to perfect their presentation of the ritual in a constructive and educational environment.

Regional Schools

To ensure the consistency of the ritualistic work throughout the Commonwealth, the Grand Lodge holds several Regional Schools of Instruction. At a Regional School of Instruction, the ritual is exemplified and attendees may ask questions and get definitive answers on the finer points of the ritual and its performance. These schools are supervised by the Director of the Ritualistic Work and the Regional Instructors of the Ritualistic Work.

The Director of the Ritualistic Work supervises the Regional Directors. The Regional Directors are tasked with assisting the District Deputy Grand Masters and the Principals of the Schools of Instruction by ensuring the ritual is being portrayed and presented in an appropriate and consistent manner.

Director of the Ritualistic Work
Bro. Larry A Buzzard

Regional Instructors
S. Curtis Barrett (Region 1)
Paul A. Stucliffe, Jr. (Region 2)
Richard L. Tubo (Region 3)
David W. Morgans, P.D.D.G.M. (Region 4)
Stephen M. Shaffer (Region 5)
Richard W. Bickhart (Region 6 East)
Guildford G. Rowley, Jr. (Region 6 West)

Robert A. Sutcliffe (Region 7)

Upcoming Regional Schools

  • Feb 24-Muncy
  • March 3-Pittsburgh
  • March 10-New Castle
  • March 24-Mifflintown
  • April 7-Taylor (Region 7)
  • April 14-Philadelphia
  • April 21-York
  • April 28-North Catasauqua (Region 7)
  • May 5-Connellsville
  • May 12-Ridgeway (Region 6)

District Schools

With the approval of the Grand Master, District Deputy Grand Masters can establish Schools of Instruction within their respective Districts. Each of these schools is led by a Principal, who may be assisted by Assistant Principals. The District Deputy Grand Master, and through him, the Principal of the School of Instruction, are charged with overseeing the conferral and presentation of the ritual of the Lodges within their Districts.

For more information on your local School of Instruction, please contact your Lodge Secretary, Worshipful Master or District Deputy Grand Master.